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An indoor horticulture solution that deploys patented LED lights with wireless tunable spectra control, environmental sensors, and data platform.
We automate and optimize facility systems and apply machine learning to grow healthier, higher yielding crops, with less water and energy.

Our Technology

Precision is at the core of everything we do

Light Delivery System

Light proven to optimize growth
and keep your crops healthy.

Light Delivery System

A patented UV mix design with multi-spectra and temperature LEDs curated to bring you high performing recipes at your disposal. Our team of researchers and scientists created the most advanced spectrum for complete physiological plant growth.

Wireless Tunable Spectrum

Easily create crop specific light
recipes for each stage of growth.

Wireless Tunable Spectrum

Adjust from a “Blue-Peak” to a “Red-Peak” spectra to maintain a smooth transition from vegetation to flowering stage. Dial in the intensity with scheduling to automatically mimic a day/night cycle specific to the growing stage needs.

Environment Sensors

Knowing environment conditions
in real time gives you power.

Environment Sensors

Dive into the world of your plants through wireless sensors to monitor temperature, CO2, relative humidity (RH), vapor pressure deficit (VPD), PAR, and infrared radiation. Sensors provide information that automatically maintains your precise grow conditions.

Data Platform

All the facility information and control
you hoped for, in your pocket.
Whether you’re on site or on the go, instantly access grow quality metrics and environmental conditions. AGxano displays, analyzes, and reports on every sensor in your facility. The intuitive design makes it easy to take control of your grow.
Yield & Quality

Advanced LED Grow Lights
for Commercial Horticulture


Bios Series

Start your cycle off right with the Bios Series. An industry leader in performance using a patented 40-57 or 30-50 Spectrum that nurtures your plants into their bloom stage. Delivering a PPF of 400 μmol/sec at 185W, all in a standard 2’x4’ footprint.

Bios Series

Nail it when your plant's
growth truly takes off in the
vegetative phase.

Teleios Series

Finish your cycle strong with the highly efficient Teleios Series. A fully customizable fixture that suits your individual growing style. Tap into your plants potential through tunable peaks centered on red-blue-UV using natural white light with a 1200 μmol/sec PPF in a 660W package.

Teleios Series

The apex of science
and lighting in the
bloom phase

Kurios Series

Add supplemental lighting to your greenhouse or indoor grow with the Kurios Series. A full-cycle high-bay with minimal shadow that will carry your plants through all year round. Pump out consistent yields using a patented spectrum generating a PPF of 750 μmol/sec at 300W.

Kurios Series

Consistent greenhouse
production regardless of the

Kosmos Series

Replace old tech with new using the Kosmos Series. A 1:1 replacement for Double Ended 1000W fixtures. Get more out of your Greenhouse or indoor grow with a patented 5150 spectra and thermal management to help direct the heat away from your plants. Increase yields while reducing your energy consumption with 1280 μmol/sec PPF at 640W.

Kosmos Series

The same fit with brand
new technology.


Agape Series

Reproduce quality yields from your favorite or best performing grows, time after time. A dedicated clone light that delivers a smooth transition to the vegetation stage. Ramp up production and throughput with 250 μmol/sec PPF in a 100W standard 2'x4' footprint.

Agape Series

Replicate, reuse, and
repopulate your seeds and
Hardware & Software

A Connected Platform that Takes the Guessing Out of Growing

Everyone knows that different plants respond better under specific spectrums but no one knows the perfect combination. AGxano provides you with proprietary spectrum recipes that you can tune to your style and improve with every harvest.

Wireless Everything


The AGxano wireless cloud network removes the need for expensive infrastructure costs. It also enables you to access your grow from anywhere. It’s also future proof. Add more of the lights and sensors of today and all the technology of tomorrow.

Environment Sensing


There’s nothing more important to your crop’s health than its environment. Light levels, temperature, humidity, nutrients, and the list goes on. AGxano tracks all of the data points and automates the control to your specifications.

Monitor, Control, Analyze


AGxano brings your lighting, environmental sensors, and facility systems onto one centralized dashboard. Everything is seamlessly integrated for easy control. Each data point is tracked and stored for real-time and historical analysis.

Why commercial growers are
smartening up with AGxano


Increased Yield

Your formula of nutrients, CO2, RH, VPD, PAR, temperature, and soil moisture is only as effective as the measurement. AGxano monitors and controls every detail in real time.

Happy Plants

Pairing advanced UV, controlled schedule cycles, with tuned spectrum lighting means denser and more potent flowers.

ROI Focused

As a single system, total ownership costs for AGxano are lower than multiple point solutions, with features that are purpose built to positively impact your bottom line.


With plug-and-play hardware and intuitive software, AGxano is fast to deploy and simple to access key data at your fingertips.

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